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Create Portable Apps with Cameyo Application Virtualisation

Described as a software teleporter, Cameyo lets you use software without installing it by running virtualised applications through your web browser. This makes lets you discover and try new software by creating portable applications. You can also use software from one operating system on another, like running Windows software on your Mac. Along with a free version for personal use, there are paid commercial versions of the application.

Using Cameyo

Cameyo is virtualised into a single EXE file, allowing you copy and execute it on your computer without installing the application. You are also able to publish your own software to a dedicate cloud server and run it from any device with a HTML5 browser without any plugins. This function lets you demo your software to other users through your website. It works by first taking a snapshot of your system before installing an application and then another afterwards. The programme then compares the changes to understand what modifications are needed to your system.

Features that set Cameyo apart

Similar products on the market do not have a lot of the same features as this product, including data encryption, cloud packaging, and virtualisation modes for both RAM and Disk. The application lets you apply user restrictions, such as scripting and passwords. You can also save data and settings on a USB or Dropbox. At the same, it is an affordable alternative to VMware ThinApp and similar programmes.

Cameyo is a popular application virtualization product. It allows you to create portable application containers of your software. It captures software installation, and then turns it into a standalone executable that contains the entire registry and file system of that software.

But Cameyo's offering goes beyond that. Once you have that standalone EXE container with your entire software inside, you can upload it to Cameyo's cloud server and then play it whenever you like through any HTML5 browser, or using their dedicated Android & Windows clients. You can even connect your Dropbox or Google Drive and work with your software directly on your files. This earned Cameyo a Gartner Cool Vendor mention for 2016.

Cameyo is very powerful and has lots of advanced commands for power users. Yet it's extremely easy to start with, and even allows you to create virtual packages online, using just your browser, on our website.


  • Simple interface and easy to use
  • Allows you to install virtually any app including add-ons to other programs


  • Unable to use your device as snapshots are taken
  • Lacks stability with crashes and errors with some software

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Cameyo 3.1.1446 for PC

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